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What is it about Psychanaut that makes people feel so good? When the music of many rock bands is just so much existential angst and rage, these tunes sparkle with color and light; optimistic, confident lyrical melodies float and fly straight at us on a wave of powerful music. This band makes it look fun and easy.

The lyrics are Scarlet's visionary musings, many written literally in her dreams. The music is crafted through the powerful and sensitive guitar compositions of Brian Elliott.

Vocalist Scarlet is a disarming presence on stage with a sweet smile and carefree laughter, yet she is possessed of a voice that combines a compelling sweetness with the power of a screaming banshee. Elliott's guitars compliment her versatile voice note for note. The guitar work is impressive, ranging from giant power chords to beautiful chiming textures, screaming octave dives and tasty melodies.

The solid drumming is the heartbeat of Psychanaut's sound and bass lines crafted by Mike Nemeth range from solid bottom pounding to weaving strands of melody. Like a driving machine, the rhythm section powers and pulses the songs with understated finesse.

From the exuberant "Crystalline Sunshine" to the fantasy world of "Marmalade Moonlight" to the powerful anthem "Wayside", these life-affirming songs leave us feeling a little bit uplifted, and a little bit expanded. After a long day of mind-numbing work, just a few moments of Psychanaut tunes has life pouring back into me - through my ears. Before I know it, I am smiling, as I forget about the stress of the day let the optimism and joy of living take me. That's the power of Psychanaut.

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