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You are the Queen! Rock it right sister!

A voice that turns my spine into a noodle!

Love your shows and the way you radiate joy - you pay it forward to others that can not sing and make us happier. luvs

Bands come and go but seldom has there ever been another like you. I feel that what your accomplishing is important for the future of all mankind. I'm sorry if that sounds silly, But your singing a mystery that can't be told.

Just caught you at the Convention Center - you guys ROCK! Sound was tight, stage show was just great. Much more than I even expected. Got a t-shirt and a CD, ready to rock out at the next Portland show.

Blessed Be Scarlet; the Goddess of Rock!

You guys are the best kept secret in Eugene! I really love the great songs you are putting out. Skill and beauty - LOL! Love the vocals and the band’s tightness. We always try to get to shows closeby, but why don’t you play here in your hometown more? -S.K.

you guys totally rocked my night at Happy Hours Sat. I wanna keep up with you and see you again! You gave me goosbumps!!!!

You are a person of authenticity and originality whose life and
work inspire. Know that I honour who you are and what
you do. Thank you for sharing of yourself, for when we
give who we are into the world we enlighten and educate.
I enjoy your unique essence and positive energy.

Any member of this band could be the "star" of another band, it's like you took the best members of four different bands and put them together to make a band of stars. All of you are killer musicians and there' always something (or someone) to watch...

Thunder & lightining crashed.
Wow, that was so awsome no words can do it justice. Thrilled to the core, rocked out the door, and left begging for more.

Cool tunes, cool recording, you guys sound really good! Loved the lyrics in “Wayside” - should have been “Wake Up People”. Keep going!

Thank you thank you for posting the lyrics on the website. I think they should be put up on a screen when you play so everybody can get them.

To a poet from a clown, in that voice one could drown. A gift from god comes to town, brings me up if I'm down. spider webs inside my head, rock me till I'm dead. Where's the limit I don't know every show it seems to grow. And though it's true credits due to the crew, under the lights when black turns red that voice inside my head, sooths the soul makes it whole. Little is there to say that's just my kick, i'm there for that magic trick and smokin pick. Hey, how, hi, just thought i'd try to give some gratitude. for making me fly.

Wizard and the Gypsy - One of the best songs ever wrote. Almost too good, I suspect devine inspiration. whatever the case may be, it's truly an honor to be on the receiving end of such a powerfull gift. Much thanks to all involved.

You guys should be playing all over! Your band really does have a unique sound... Vocals fit so very well with the style of music... yes, it does remind me of some of the great European progressive-hard rock bands. If you were touring Europe right now you'd be selling out all the big venues. What the hell are you doing in Eugene?!?

As allways it remains an honor and a privilige to have you so graciously bestow your talent and gift upon the world, and on a lighter note, for singing such damn good music.

you guys were awsome this past saturday night at luckys. Steve & I think you're the best band here in eugene!

Thanks for letting me know that there are STILL some GREAT rockers out there!!!! Loved the band tracks online have you got more? Put them up, can’t wait - I like this kind of sound. You should tour Aussie. Lots of ‘rockheads’ like me downunder.

Rock Scarlet came all the way from Eugene to rock this town, and boy, did they ever!! Scarlet has an amazing voice and she's gorgeous onstage!! I was blown away when they covered Led Zeppelin!! Rock Scarlet was amazing and I can't wait to see them again!!
Thank you so much to Rock Scarlet!! You guys were amazing!!
- Silver Diamond Promotions, Portland OR

You're rocking the house down creating this epic sound, pounding power rock, big sound, big consciousness wise-dom and catchy hooks. What's not to like?

Sister Jinn, your band is tight, you have a talent for lyrics and vocals and your group just all around rocks!! It's the kind of music you play to and from work and more importantly it's the kind of music you sing to. Loud. ;) Stay tight, stay cool and keep it real! Next time you tour Arizona, I'll make sure to make the show.

I can only imagine it must must be hard (but also a rush and great exposure) to open for bands like Styx. Some people just don't pay enough attention to the opening act, but you sure got our attention!!!! We had a blast at the show. I waited since 6a.m. to get those seats up front, and you guys really made the night even better. What a blast to see a band that goes all out and has such fun doing it!! - Steve and Shannon

The last time I got chills like that from a band I was in a stadium with 30 thousand people...What a show...awesome! - Tony

Wow, this girl sings her butt off and she´s totally fine to boot. The band sounds great. The guitars sound great....Good power and energy with great vocals. - mixposure review crew

...I'm gonna play a song from a band called Rock Scarlet. And I'm gonna tell you people -- and I can say this on the air--this band kicks ass. You've gotta hear them! - Rockin Roam, KRVM
All hell may reign supreme but Rock Scarlet will still stand supremer! - Eric

Damn, that chick's got pipes, she has a powerful sense of how to command the stage and work the audience, and she doesn't appear to have ANY hesitation, regarding speaking her mind and saying her piece here on the band site, or onstage, or in her lyrical meandering and proclamations in the studio.
That blonde dude on one side of the stage can work his fingers to the bone all over the fretboard and tickle those pedals with his toes, and is a master of the sidelong, learing glances out over the crowd.
That dark haired freak on the other side of the stage knows something we apparently don't know, and he isn't sharing, all the while manipulating us with those pulsing, slithering and unrelenting bottom busting bass lines.
That new drummer fell into place way too quick to be humanly possible, and drives the frontline with demonic prowess.
The whole (hole?) is bigger than the elements, and the elements are each and everyone a force to be reckoned with. Fall into line, listeners and watchers, heaven is out of the question, purgatory is not an issue. Damnation, my friends, damnation awaits you, should you fall victim to the SCARLET of ROCK.......Marty (submitted from our page)

Everybody I knew kept raving about Scarlet's voice, and I was thinking "yeh right" another chick singer. I finally came to see you guys last turns out they didn't rave enough- she rocks! - Joe. H

...Kicka$$ vox...good vocal range and tight rhythm section. nice one! Tight band performance and some powerful vox. Classic metal riffs! - dreamer, mixposure

it's been a long time since I heard a guitarist that really knew his instrument and used his effects so well, he played with such finnese. So many of these guys just bang away...And I don't know when I've heard a singer that knew how to use her voice like that. Great show Rock Scarlet, I am really impressed! - sound engineer, name witheld by request

Amp up the vocals, Scarlet has a great voice!

I saw ROCK SCARLET last weekend, the 1st time I've seen them with Mike on bass. A nice addition, guys, he was good!
Their set kicked ass.
As usual, Scarlet belted and strutted, totally working the crowd. She has clearly been perfecting her powerful, melodic vocals and intense, seductive presence for a long time. It's paid off, Scarlet is the real thing.
Brian has also obviously been working at the guitar for many years, and has a great sense of tone and dynamics.
It was a great set, and this recent run of good shows should get more and more the opportunity to check them out. They're well worth it! - M. Schwarzbauer (Record Garden & ex-booking/sound tech, Samurai Duck)

Working at the club I hear a lot of bands...but when I heard Rock Scarlet I thought somebody famous had shown up. I came running out of the back room to check 'em out. Great! - bartender, name witheld by request

You don't know what to expect when you see this shapely blonde chick, you think she won't have any balls, and then she starts just totally shredding! Scarlet you're awesome. You guys rock! - Raymond

OK guys, I need to buy a second CD because my husband won't let me take the one we have. He keeps it in his own car -Jenna H.

This band blew me away - I actually got shivers a couple of times...Scarlet's singing just soars above the music. The arrangements were great, and what a choice of remakes! - Tom B.

love it - this is the kind of music I live for hearing...great stuff!
-Ywain1369, mixposure

Hey guys, great job last night...a superb show! you guys were tight and it don't play over your heads and you don't get in each other's way...fantastic! You've got a great sound and a great look. - Chris

The band is clearly having fun, and Scarlet, she's so animated and fun to watch, as soon as I heard you guys I became an instant fan. - Mike
Rock Scarlet is a breath of fresh air in today's music scene. Their original selections range from heavy melodic ballads to high energy rockers...
Scarlet Jinn is a vivacious beauty who can whip a crowd into a frenzy. Her lyrics are inventive and smart, and she knows how to deliver them. Her powerful voice makes her one of the best female rock vocalists I've seen in years.
Brian Elliott lets his guitars do his talking. This Northwest favorite is an expert at producing incredible sounds with his selection of guitars and effects. His multi-style playing is lightning fast, super clean and fun to watch.
The big, driving sound of the bass and hard hitting drumming rounds out the sound of this rock group, making Rock Scarlet a must see band....-I.L. Journal

Scarlet is killer... hot chick beltin it out, and Brian wailing on those hot guitar riffs...I'm telling all my friends about your next gig, Scarlet Rocks!!! -Terry J.

You have amazing talent, A powerful energy, voice, & music yet still so REAL.

I just can't stop listening to your CD! The whole band has such amazing talent... kicks ass... I can't wait until the next CD and Video! - Barbie

I've been coming to see you guys since the beginning. I feel lucky to have seen you when nobody knew you and the crowds were small. I even drive up to Portland when you're there...Rock Scarlet Rocks! - Timothy

Seeing Rock Scarlet is a little unreal, a little intense and a LOT of great music!
Unreal in the sense that this music is heavy, yet Scarlet is up there laughing and Brian Elliott is riffing away - and the crowd, a mix of 20 something goth-emo-thrashers is eating it up!
Intense in that I - a jaded clubber - actually got shivers during this show. Scarlet Jinn's voice started out smooth and sweet and suddenly soared like a jet engine. This woman's got pipes!
I watched Brian Elliott create sounds that almost made me think there was an extra guitarist offstage, or sometimes maybe a keyboard. He's incredibly fun to watch.
Scarlet's vocal acrobatics are matched by the wild guitar antics and the powerful rhythm section of bassist Michael Nemith and drummer Richie Eriksen that makes up the band, Rock Scarlet. Highly worth catching live!- Pending Review

See it live folks. Drive, fly, teliport, do what you gotta do. Trust me it's worth it. - YouTube comment on Rock Scarlet video "wayside" live

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