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A word about the energy of our shows

The members of Psychanaut love putting on a great show! It's really all about the fun and the energy of the music.

In the previous project,Rock Scarlet, the original material consisted of mostly high energy tunes, with melodic chord structures and eclectic lyrics. In Psychanaut, the songs are more spacy and eclectic, with bigger harmony vocals. In both projects the songs may feel boisterously fun or mysterious, introspective or celebratory; our conscious intent is to amplify joy and harmony whenever we play. There are no "poor me" songs in our sets.

We feel that as artists we have a responsibility to be conscious of the energy we put out into the Universe - whether it be in a bar, a big stage, or on our recordings.

We realize that at times this puts us at odds with many other bands and shows, be they "doom metal" or political commentary...much of current popular music resonates with sad or angry energy. There may be a need for that, but we feel there's an even bigger need for all of us to help raise the collective vibration.

Each member of this band is not only a powerful performer, but also personally, socially and politically conscious; many of us are vegetarian, and each of us are visionary in our individual ways. (As far as labels go, I am a joyful performer, also an unwavering psychanaut, compassionate vegan --and kook :-).) We are all progressively minded. We love to play, and don't take ourselves seriously.

Benefits are one of our favorite gigs!

No matter where we play, our intention is to leave people feeling just a little bit higher and happier. for bookings!

Listen to a few tunes here...


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